Places Women Want to be Touched

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September 22, 2017
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Everyone knows that men like to explore the different body parts of women, but guys, there’s more to a woman’s breast, vagina, and butt –as these are places where there are a lot of nerve endings. But a woman has a lot of pressure sensors that are all over her body, and you putting her in the mood is as easy as stimulating some of these body parts of her. Including these body parts on your foreplay, or just making her feel relaxed after a stressful day, will definitely give you some plus points for her.


Men are less likely to think that this part has no stimulating properties in a woman, but did you know that this part is sensitive. For you to make her want you two to get busy when you reach home is gently caressing the behinds of her knees while you are in an open place. Just remember that you pay close attention to this place when you are alone, too.


People habitually use their hands to make their partners pleased, but Her palmhands are rarely considered as a potential pleasure spot for stimulating a woman. A woman’s palm is a bland place that you should focus on without you making the people around you uncomfortable. A call girl in jaipur will feel delighted once you trace your finger along her palm. This will also make your woman feel that you are attentive and sensitive to her needs.


You will pull your woman’s bliss factor when you kiss, touch and even bite (lightly bite the earlobes of a woman. A woman’s earlobes are delicate and sensitive that they enjoy a sensation of having their man’s lips on them. Remember that you do not lick your woman’s ears, for heaven’s sake, all you can do is nibble around the outside her ear though.


Foot massage is an actually obvious part of a woman; it is one of the most sensitive body parts of a woman. You can make your woman feel relaxed after a tiring day by gently massaging her feet. Do not just focus on one place, but focus on her toes, ankles and soles. Most jaipur call girls find it stimulating and enjoyable to feel their foot and toes being pulled, and even sucked. But remember to ask your woman first before actually sucking them –for respect’s sake.


A woman will be teased if you touch her inner thighs without going to her vaginal area. Once you do this, she will be revved up. You can use your mouth to cuddle and kiss her thighs as you get close and closer to her pleasure spot. Pull back, and then go all the way.


Another stimulating place for her to feel a blissful feeling is her pelvis. If you concentrate on this place, her affection will rise up. But you have to avoid being tempted to go to her vagina as you get closer to it. Tease her inner thighs by kissing and/or licking them. She will be so excited that she will beg for more.


Kiss her nape

In Japan, the old people regard a woman’s neck as an attractive part of the body as it was not covered by clothing. Nowadays, the nape is one of the most neglected part of a woman’s body, but do not ever take this part too lightly, because the woman will be so giddy to get busy with you under the sheets, when you caress her neck. Once you get into your woman’s neck, go on a kiss her a few times more.


A jaipur call girl has nerve endings on every single part of her body. These parts can be stimulated, but just because a woman’s body is sensitive doesn’t mean you can touch her wherever she wants. Some woman doesn’t like it when their faces are caressed, some do not like being cuddled from behind, and some hate it when their man kissed them on the neck. One advice: explore. As you explore, you will know where to touch, where to kiss and where to cuddle. You will also know her body parts that are need to be avoided.