Essential List of Sex Tips

Places Women Want to be Touched
Places Women Want to be Touched
October 15, 2017
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November 10, 2017

Sex is a very significant part of a healthy bond. It is a gift that bonds a couple closer to each other not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. That being said, it is just right to find ways on how to add spice to bed and romance. Your partner is not a Jaipur call girl who would not require you to reciprocate her feelings. She needs to feel loved to keep her sex drive going. Here are 20 essential guidelines on how to turn the heat up and wild.

#1 Work Out with Your Partner

It will not just keep you fit and healthy but it also increases her arousal (your body sweat releases androstadienone).

#2 Bring Her to Excitement, Tell Her Naughty Thoughts in Public

Whether you are in a restaurant or in a park with other people roaming around, whisper words you think will make her excited. Perhaps you can remind her one of your sweetest moment, “Remember when we did this…” This also works as an aphrodisiac.

#3 Give Her Chocolate

Chocolate has long been considered as an effective aphrodisiac. It can increase her sex drive and make her more productive to bed.

#4 Women Loves Compliment

Make her feel loved and wanted. Flatter her, appreciate her always so she will feel more connected to you.

#5 Simplest Sex Tip: Hold Her Hand

It is not just all about sex. After all, every woman wants to know her man can show the world that he loves her and she’s the only one.

#6 Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

While most men look forward to end in bed when they kiss their woman, some women don’t. Women love to be kissed passionately and if you are not doing this, it might give her the impression of love that was lost.

#7 Being Traditional is Sometimes Sweeter

Have you gave your girl a love letter? Perhaps you always send her sweet text messages and emails, but how about a snail mail? Primitive yes, but it will make her feel really really good. Write one that tells how you great you feel about your bond and how you imagine your future together. Sure, you will be rewarded accordingly.

#8 Women: Dim Lights Please

A lot of women are insecure when it comes to body image. So to take this away during sex, keep the lights fairly low.

#9 Give Her All Your Attention

Just focus on her during sex. Don’t make her think you want to play your favorite online game than having her on your bed.

#10 Tell Her Words She would Love to Hear

Women always want to hear: “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met,” “I want to take care of you.”

#11 Take it Nice and Slow

There’s no point rushing when it is not a quickie. Spend time to know her body and sexuality. Know what turns her on and which part you can go to make her moan to pleasure. Perhaps you can caress, tease and kiss her thighs and lower belly, or make her want you more by touching around her vagina using your wet and naughty tongue. Do not kiss her on that part until she begs you to do so.

#12 Moan, Groan, Tell her you want more

Do you want her to be more passionate and enthusiastic in oral sex? Then give her a grunt to tell her you’re pleasured. Women want to hear they do things right and just, so make sure she knows you love what she does.

#13 Talk Dirty If that’s What She Wants

If your woman wants to talk dirty with you then be it, give her a dose of it. Not sure if she’s game for it? Try telling her “Whenever I see you, something dirty comes to  my mind.” If she responds positively then that’s your go signal.

#14 Make Her Bark: Do the Right Doggy-Style

To make the most out of the Doggy Position, enter her short and shallow instead of doing it fast and deep.

#15 Kissing 101

Tell her to kiss you and show you how she likes kissing to be done. You will know what she likes and you can mimic it the next time you kiss.

#16 Be Patient, Control yourself During Foreplay

Foreplay has a vital role in achieving orgasm. Don’t rush and keep it as a foreplay, do not enter her when you haven’t had enough of it. Do teasing, licking, whatever that turns her on and ask her if call girls in jaipur loves what you are doing. This will stimulate both of you and make you experience one of your best intercourses.

#17 Take her to Cloud 9: Look for Her G-Spot

Make use of your thumb to give pressure on her G-Spot. Press on it and think of doing a thumbprint. Find the area about 2 inches inside the opening of her vagina.

#18 Do Not Settle For Just the Ordinary Sex

Think of a new sex position you can have. Say for example, your woman is fond of the missionary, think of another man-on-top position like telling her to bring her knees to her chest and her legs over your shoulders. This will result to her vagina being extended and your deeper penetration.

#19 Explore Places and You Shall Enjoy

Drop the usual routine. Explore other places for sex aside from your bedroom. There is the kitchen, the garage, the bathroom or even inside your car. This will bring more excitement to the bond.

#20 Explore New Things and Activities Healthy for bond

Do not stick to what you have right now. Being bored in a bond is sometimes the reason for break ups. Encourage new ideas, outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and many more. Engaging with these types of activities can bring your close to each other.

Try these sex tips to enhance your bond. Do you know of any other tips? Feel free to share them here.