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Call Girls & Room Packages

In this article, we will be discussing some escorts service hotel room packages. A lot of people out there think that they need to shell out a lot of money for this kind of service. Well, the reality is that, these types of services are not that expensive if you know how to negotiate the price. These services usually cover multiple services at a time. There are different packages you can choose from when it comes to hiring Call Girls & Escorts. You can also get detailed information on the services that you will be getting from them before you book a room in their area.

Here are some information on the price of the room packages that are available. The average price of the rooms are usually between twenty to thirty percent. On the other hand, the prices of suites are usually higher. The prices of suites are often based on the type of room that you want and the amenities of that room. However, you can find out the average prices of rooms as well as suites by doing a simple research online.

The average price of the rooms that you can choose from depends on the duration of the stay and the number of rooms that you want. However, it is recommended that you try to look for hotel room packages that include all of the services that you want to have in the package. A lot of people do not know that booking an extended stay is not that hard and they would think that there is a big difference between hotel room prices. But, in truth, it is not that much because the rates for extended stays are already low. So, do not worry about the price of the services that you will be getting.

Below are our agency 3 special packages:


Package Name Rate Duration
Sliver 5000 Rs  1 Hour to 2 Hours
Gold 10000 Rs 3 Hours to 5 Hours
Platinum 12000 Rs Full Night Service