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June 27, 2019
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June 27, 2019

Etiquette of proper Jaipur escorts

As we are a Jaipur Escorts with thousands of members there really is enough work for everyone. There may be some simple adjustments you need to make to generate more work. Do not give up just yet, with these helpful and easy tips you should see a difference!

Check your photos, compare with other Jaipur Escorts.

As the industry is increasingly competitive it is important to make sure your photos match up. Do not confuse this with having to be beautiful Escorts in Jaipur or tall dark and handsome. Your photos just have to be inviting where you come across as friendly and professional escort. Most of our Jaipur escorts have some form of a professional photo. You do not need to spend a lot of money but it may be something to think about. If you have to spend a hundred pounds or so but you get more work it will be worth it.

Get ideas by looking at other Jaipur escort profiles to see how they pose and what sort of things they wear. If you are offering a full escorting experience it is better to have photos where you can see your body shape, underwear or topless, as clients want to see what they are going to get

What are you writing about yourself?

Think about what makes you sound attractive, no one really cares what your favorite programmer is or where you like to go on holiday. Clients are not after a relationship with you. Sound fun and sexy whatever service you are offering. Check simple things like your spelling and your grammar. If you want to attract all sorts of work there is as lot of bookings for business events where it is important you come across well and relatively intelligent. Lastly everyone loves humor, try and keep it light-heated, you will immediately come across as someone who is fun to be with. The biggest attraction for a Jaipur escort service is figure, no matter how gorgeous or high profile is to be approachable and down to earth. Whatever your status they are paying fantastic money for your time and your sexual services.

State you like a ‘variety’ of people.

We all have our ideal types but it isn’t something you want to advertise. It is important to portray yourself as being approachable to all kinds of clients whether tall, small, and fat or thin, young or older, they will not want to book you if you state you only want a young person with a gorgeous body.

Make sure your rates are realistic.

Call Girls in Jaipur have stated that it is entirely up to you what rates you want to charge. If you are new to the business you may need some guidelines. (See our Rate Suggestions page) If you are escorting only the realistic rate is £50-£100 per hour, however if you are a glamour Jaipur call girls you can charge more. If you check out other call girls profiles you may see they charging around £400 – £500 per hour, these are porn star and glamour model rates. The average is around £150 – £250 per hour. Again it is up to you what you charge but it is better to keep your price realistic than to charge more and not get any interest and don’t forget the fee you charge is all yours as you do not have to give a percentage to an Jaipur Call Girls agency!

Put the effort in!

This applies to every Jaipur escort & Jaipur Call Girls no matter what services you are offering, these are simple guidelines to follow and if you do you should get repeat business.
• Be punctual – you are offering a professional service
• Be polite, smart and dress appropriately for your date
• Be friendly even if the client is not to your taste
Compliment your client and put them at ease, they are paying you for your time, they deserve that
• If you offer certain services – fulfill them, it is your job to provide what you advertise
• Do not show you are bored, tired or waiting for your date to end, put the effort in and think of what you are earning.
• Do not drink to excess, you need to keep your wits about you not only for your safety but you need to stay professional, we all act differently if we are drunk
• Don’t talk about yourself too much or previous relationships, it isn’t company for you, ask about them, show you are interested
• NEVER talk about other clients; they do not want to know you have had 4 other bookings that day or how good another client was.
• Do not name call any other clients; the client will just think you will do the same about them.
• NEVER book or answer bookings for other escorting jobs while you are on a date with your client – it is rude and offensive
where does the problem lie?
1. No calls – If you are not receiving any calls, check your photos, re-write your profile, and state how you like a variety of clients and you are willing to travel.
2. You get the calls but then get no-shows – Think about your telephone manner. Did you come across as friendly and someone who would be fun to have a date with.
3. You get the bookings but no regulars – Check that you are doing all of the above. If you put the effort in there is no reason why you should not get repeat business.