Demanded female escorts

Demanded female escorts
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Demanded female escorts
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Instaescorts from accounts may arrive at the office Christmas party on the arm of George Clooney’s twin, but good luck to her in convincing colleagues that she met her new beau in the local gastro-pub. Ditto for lesbian businesswomen, who make frequent use of Jaipur Escort Services, particularly when traveling to Udaipur from Jaipur. A nondescript date raises no eyebrows, thereby deflecting speculation over a woman’s sexuality.
Of course, the occasional client chooses a James Bond type way out of her league, just to wow an ex. But these punters account for a small portion of the business. Most of Jaipur Escorts are looking for unremarkable female aged between 19 and 31.
If neither looks nor age is a barrier to success, why haven’t women deserted the ruinous hours of the City for a glittering second career? Not all of them have what it takes, according to seasoned escorts in Jaipur. “Contrary to misguided belief, not everybody is fit to do this job,” says Brian Fox, who works independently as a Jaipur escort. “In a way it’s like the X Factor. You either have what it takes or you don’t.”
According to Fox, it’s important to discern what a client is really seeking when hiring an Jaipur escort. “This could be a conversation, entertainment, romance, massage. In any instance, a good escort service in Jaipur will know how to satisfy a men’s needs,” says Fox. He may have a point. We speak from great personal experience when I say that there are few men skilled in this area.
Perhaps even more problematic is the social stigma attached to the business. Bankers may be reviled in the aftermath of the credit crunch, but try telling your buddies you left the morally bankrupt world of hedge funds to become a Female escorts Jaipur. The escorts who spoke to GQ have rarely come clean to family and friends. “Absolutely not,” says 28-year-old Megha, who also works as a Call Girl in Jaipur. “People have the wrong idea.” But agency maintains he is open about his job. “I am not doing anything illegal, distasteful or disgraceful. I am simply providing a service to clients I choose to provide the service to.”
In his early thirties, megha is already an industry veteran, with six years of escorting under his belt. Most of the other escorts in Jaipur who spoke to GQ have been working for less than a year, and none expect to remain active for the long haul. It’s a career choice that could lead to some uncomfortable discussions with the potential in-laws over Sunday lunch. Tellingly, none of the escorts interviewed is in a relationship. Brian, a 36-year-old  Jaipur agency escort, stopped working for a few months after starting a relationship with a former customer, while Fox plans to hang up his dinner jacket when he decides to “settle down and have a family”. He started in the business when a mentor retired to marry a long-term client, which speaks volumes about the hazards in combining escorting with traditional domestic life.
And sometimes a client may be looking for more than dinner and the cinema. Some agencies advertise as offering non-sexual encounters, although these are in the minority. Platinum Select makes a great play of its honorable aims.
There appears to be more demand than ever for female escorts.

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