How To Be Really Good at Sex

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March 18, 2019
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Good at Sex

Being really good at sex is not as difficult as some people think. In fact, it really is quite easy. Almost anyone has it in them. Contrary to popular belief, being really good at sex has little to do with thrusting technique, god-like stamina or flexibility. In fact, the majority of people are likely to agree that all you really need is great communication skills.

What constitutes really good sex varies between individuals. Not everyone loves rough, hard sex that lasts for hours – nor is loving, gentle sex everyone’s cup of tea.  The only real way to find out how to push your partner’s buttons is to ask. It really is that simple. The best lovers are those who are comfortable enough to ask their partner what turns them on.

The really good lovers are unselfish. They do whatever makes their partner feel great rather than focusing on getting pleasure themselves. If that means using rabbit vibrators on their partner whilst they wait patiently to be seen to themselves, then so be it.

Unfortunately, some people are too embarrassed, or too proud, to do this or to tell their partner what they would like themselves. Too many men and women are left hoping their partner will suggest introducing new moves or toys in the bedroom rather than doing so themselves.

It’s this embarrassment and lack of communication which prevents people from completely letting go during sex. Many become worried that they’re not pleasing their partner. Those who can completely enjoy the moment during the sex free from worries and may find that they naturally become really good at sex.

With this in mind, both men and jaipur call girls should take the time to ask their partner what turns them on and do their best to fulfil their partner’s needs rather than concentrating on themselves. If both halves of a couple focus on this, then the chances are that the sex will be really good for both parties.